USB Card V2 – PPA Studio Paul Pang

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2 years warranty & support

Budget friendly audiophile USB card
With TCXO clock: reduces jitter & timing errors
With handmade audio-grade digital output transformer

Handmade on order by computer audiophile “guru” Paul Pang
Delivery time: approx. 3 – 4 weeks

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Paul Pang USB card V2 with TCXO

Audiophile USB card V2 - PPA Studio Paul Pang

Low-jitter TCXO clock
Silver output transformer
Budget friendly option



USB card V2 - PPA Studio Paul Pang - Power supply

Normally PCIe cards are powered via the PCIe lane of the mothermoard.

This is never the best solution for high-end audio reproduction.

The power of the motherboard is contaminated and will result in a higher noise floor.

Therefore the PPA Studio Paul Pang USB card V2 is powered via a 4-pin Molex (5V / 2A min.).

This results in clean power. Music will have more tranquility, clarity and a blacker background.


External Power Supply

Audiophile USB card V2 - PPA Studio Paul Pang - bracket for eternal power supply

For best result you should power the card externally. Optionally you can order an extra bracket & high-end power cable so you could use an external power supply.

This bracket is placed on the back of your case.

You have the choice between a 2.1 mm DC input jack or 2.5 mm DC input jack. This connects an external (lineair) power supply.

At the other side there is a 4-pin Molex. This connects the USB card.

With this option you can use an external lineair power supply like the HDPLEX 200W LPSU. This will give you a much better result than the internal power supply of a PicoPSU.

Please pay attention: a higher voltage than 5V could damage the card and will not be covered by warranty.



Loiw jitter TCXO

TCXO stands for “Temperature Controlled Crystal Oscillator”.

The TCXO clock on the Paul Pang USB card V2 will generate a much better timing and a much lower jitter value than the standard clock of your computer.

It will output a much better signal to your external DAC when compared to the regular USB outputs on your PC.

A better signal will be sent to your DAC.
More tranquility
More “analog”
Sound is more “smooth”



Paul Pang USB card V2 Handmade digital output transformer

Handmade digital output transformers with silver wire. Developed especially for high-end audio reproduction. Much better than standard digital output transformers made for audio purposes.





“I installed the card …WOW ! The quality of the sound was amazing ! It was powered by external battery.  I was normally shocked how your card improved the sound over regular USB port.  It is impossible but true ? Good work !!!!”  –  User Piopio via blog Paul Pang

“Hi Paul,  I’ve just installed your V2 USB card in my win server 2012 R2 PC and it sounds fantastic! I am really amazed!” – User Viewmaster via  blog Paul Pang

“Great product, it improved the sq very much. Works very fine with daphile and audiophilleo usb/ spdif converter.
Thanks Paul!”  – User Simon P. via blog Paul Pang



  • PCIE-card, easy to install on motherboard
  • Choice between low profile or full size bracket
  • Optional with extra bracket for external power supply
  • With 2.1 mm of 2.5 mm DC Jack to use with external power supply
  • TZ YUN high-end power cable (+20 euro)



  • This USB card is is based on the  NEC uPD720202 chip
  • Compatible with Windows & Linux



Windows 8, Windows 10, Window 2012 server & Windows 2016 server don’t need an extra driver.

Do you use Windows 7? Download the driver via this link:

Paul Pang USB card V2 driver

PPA Studio Paul Pang USB card V2

Ready to order?

This audiophile USB card is handmade on order by computer audio pioneer Paul Pang in Taiwan.

Therefore delivery time is approximately 3 à 4 weeks.

Do you still have a question?

Then don’t hesitate to contact me.