USB Card V3 – PPA Studio Paul Pang

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2 years warranty & support

High-end upgrade for USB connection between PC & DAC
Optimizes jitter & timing-errors
Sends perfect signal to external DAC
Custom-made high-end OCXO-clock

Handmade on order by computer audiophile “guru” Paul Pang
Delivery time approx. 3 – 4 weeks

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Paul Pang audiophile USB Card V3 with OCXO

Audiophile USB-card V3 Paul Pang OCXO

The PPA Studio Paul Pang audiophile USB Card V3 uses:

Custom-made low-jitter OCXO module (24 Mhz frequency)

Latest version digital output transformer

Best consumer-grade audiophile USB card currently on the market


Paul Pang audiophile USB-Card V3 with OCXO

OCXO stands for “oven controlled crystal oscillator”.

An OCXO will always yield better results than a TCXO. And of cource a much better result than the standard clock inside a computer.

Because the oven keeps the temperature of the crystal much more stable, the clock frequency also remains much more stable & precise.

This gives an optimal timing of the signal.

You can send a much better signal to your external DAC.

No harshness

No “digital” sound

Much more tranquility

More resolution

More dynamics

More microdetails

More natural

More “analog” sounding

The OCXO-clock of Paul Pang uses the 24 Mhz frequency which is the optimal frequency for application in computer audio.

This OCXO-clock is currently the best clock worldwide available for high-end computer audio purposes.

User feedback


Hi Paul, Your V3 card sounds amazing right out of the box, and powered by a regular power supply. Analogue sound, and hearing details in music that I never heard before. I run a top notch asynchronous DAC (Phasure NOS) and didnt expect much of an improvement, but I was proven very wrong. Keep up the good work and my very best to you. – Gebruiker Lineke Heus via blog Paul Pang

I bought the V3 USB card and it sounds amazing! I had an SoTM USB card, both powered by linear power supply and I found that the PPA V3 sounds much smoother and more analogue so I sell the SoTM with no regret. – Tom Fazakas via blog Paul Pang

Power supply

Paul Pang USB Card V3 power supply

Normally PCIe cards are powered via the PCIe lane of the mothermoard.

This is never the best solution for high-end audio reproduction.

The power of the motherboard is contaminated and will result in a higher noise floor.

Therefore the Paul Pang audiophile USB card V3 is powered via a 4-pin Molex (5V / 2A min.).

This results in clean power. Music will have more tranquility, clarity and a blacker background.

External power supply

Paul Pang USB externe bracket

For best result you should power the card externally. Optionally you can order an extra bracket & high-end power cable so you could use an external power supply.

This bracket is placed on the back of your case.

You have the choice between a 2.1 mm DC input jack or 2.5 mm DC input jack. This connects an external (lineair) power supply.

At the other side there is a 4-pin Molex. This connects the USB card.

With this option you can use an external lineair power supply like the HDPLEX 200W LPSU. This will give you a much better result than the internal power supply of a PicoPSU.

The Paul Pang audiophile USB card V3 needs 5V / 2 amp (min.) current.

Please pay attention: a higher voltage than 5V could damage the card and will not be covered by warranty.


Paul Pang USB card V3 measurements

The width of this card is 45 mm.

It will not fit in every case.
If space in your case is limited, please see the PPA Studio Paul Pang USB card V4 which has the OCXO clock in a separate module.


  • PCIE card, easy to install on motherboard
  • Choice between low profile or full size bracket
  • Extra bracket for external power supply optional
  • With 2.1 mm of 2.5 mm DC Jack to hook up external power supply


  • Compatible with Windows & Linux
  • No extra driver needed in Windows

Paul Pang audiophile USB-Card V3 with OCXO

Ready to order?

This audiophile USB card is made for you on order by computer audio pioneer Paul Pang in Taiwan.

Therefore delivery time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Free shipping to your address in Europe.

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