Paul Pang PicoPSU – audiophile internal power wiring for PC

Best internal power wiring in the world
High-end power cables
Shielded against EMI / RFI

Handmade on order by Paul Pang
Delivery time: approx. 3 – 4 weeks

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Paul Pang picoPSU

Paul Pang PicoPSU - front

Why standard internal power never gives an optimal result

Standard computers are powered internally with very basic power cables.

These cables are insufficiently shielded and are never optimized for high-end audio reproduction.

With these standard cables EMI/RFI has free rein. This will result in a much higher noise floor & inadequate sound characteristics.

Therefore it is best to use decent & shielded power cables inside your PC.

The best internal power wiring in the world

The audiophile PicoPSU of Paul Pang is currently the best internal PC power wiring in the world. If you consider high-end audio playback you should look no further.

Very high quality cables
Optimally shielded against EMI / RFI.
Can feed components separately

This gives a huge improvement in sound quality. You will achieve more tranquility, control, focus and a blacker background.

Connecting the Paul Pang PicoPSU

This drawing shows you:

  • Where to connect the PicoPSU on the motherboard
  • How to connect power to your CPU
  • How to use a linear power supply with your audiophile computer

Paul Pang PicoPSU power upgrade

Better power for SSD

Thanks to the Paul Pang PicoPSU you can optimally power an SSD:

Paul Pang Pico PSU - SSD power


Better power for high-end USB card

Via the 4-pin Molex connection you can also improve power delivery to a high-end USB card:


Paul Pang Pico PSU - power for external USB card

Ready to order?

This PicoPSU is made on order by computer audio pioneer Paul Pang in Taiwan.

Delivery time will therefore be approx. 3 – 4 weeks.

Do you still have a question?

Then don’t hesitate to contact me.