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Latest version Linear Technology voltage regulators
Audio-grade ELNA capacitors
Extreme low ripple noise
Ideal upgrade voor streamers, music servers & DAC’s
Ideal upgrade for NAS, Switch, Router,…

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The HDPLEX 200W LPSU is End of Life.

HDPLEX is currently producing their new & improved 300W LPSU lineair power supply.

This upgraded version will be launched soon.

If you want to stay informed, and be the first to know when HDPLEX 300W LPSU will be ready to ship, please click this link to contact us.


Important update

The new to be released HDPLEX 300W LPSU will be another major upgrade.

The new transformer will supply 300W and the Linear Technology LT3045 voltage regulators  will provide 3A instead of 2A so even more components can benefit from a much lower ripple noise (10x lower than previous version without the LT3045).

Ideal upgrade for your components

The HDPLEX 300W linear power supply is a big improvement over the standard switching power supplies that normally reside in your audio gear.

Music will sound much more focussed, controlled, with a a lower noise floor and a more “black” background,…

The HDPLEX is compatible with…

Components of Sotm, Paul Pang (PPA Studio)
Computer audio transports (CAT) of Sotm or Paul Pang
Auralic Aries
Uptone USB Regen
JPLAY USB-card & Network card
PPA Studio Paul Pang USB card
Sotm USB Card
MicroZuma CAPS
Intel NUC
Other Computer Audio Transports
High-End Streamers
Mytek Brooklyn DAC
Mytek Liberty DAC
Legacy Wavelet DAC
Other high-end DAC’s with DC input
Upgrade for your NAS / Router / Switch (audiophile streaming)
External CD-DVD-reader or burner
Other components with DC input


Reviews of customers that used HDPLEX before


“This weekend I have had the opportunity of a serious listening of the new HDPlex, once it has arrived at the optimal running temperature (48h). The first thing that comes to one’s head is the silence, a lowest black-ground than before. Afterwards, you begin to hear a silky and more natural treble, a deepest and widest imaging, a low end more controlled, an increased separation between the musicians (air), etc.” – David Casas, klant AudioPC.shop

“it definitely lowered the noise floor so images seem to emerge from a black background. The Brooklyn without the LPS was already quiet and had great sound quality. The HDPLEX elevated it to a totally dead quiet level, while preserving the spatial cues of the recording. I’m very satisfied with the HDPLEX and it definitely made a huge difference in my system.” (computer audiophile forum member)

“I use an HD PLEX with my modified Mac mini and was very pleased with it.” (computer audiophile, forum member)

“As noticed in other threads, I found that the linear PSU improved the sound on imaging, transients, detail and bass. Especially on live recordings, there is a huge improvement in detail and realism. Overall I am very pleased. If you live in Europe like me, this PSU might be a good option to consider.” (computer audiophile forum member)

“I have two of these. One powering my Streacom FC5 with an HDPlex 250w DC-ATX converter and another powering a small HDPlex H1S case with a regular Pico PS in it. Both cases use an ASROCK H87M-ITX. (…) Very good build quality. HDPlex also has a very prompt response to email questions. These power supplies made a big difference especially with my HS1 which was using a very noisy SMPS brick. Lots more detail and less fatigue due to a much lower noise floor.” (computer audiophile forum member)

Free shipping

Free worldwide shipping

2 years warranty

The HDPLEX is built like a tank and each unit gets a 72 hours mandatory stress test before they are shipped.

So warranty is probably not needed.

Nevertheless, if it would be the case that you encounter a problem, you can return the HDPLEX for free and receive a new unit.

No questions asked.




To be complete I will give you the specifications of the last version in production, because the core functionality will remain the same.


HDPLEX 200W LPSU inside ELNA audiophile capacitors

 Highest model ELNA Capacitors for audiophile application
8x 30451 Linear Technology Low Dropout Positive Fixed Regulators.
Extreme low ripple noise
Separately shielded outputs
“True Separate Ground Design”-principle.
No shared grounding.
No RFI/EMI interference between outputs.
2x variable outputs 3.3 V – 15V.

Connections (new version)



  • 19V via XLR (10A)
  • 12V via XLR (10A)
  • Variable 3.3V – 15V via XLR (2A)
  • Variable 3.3V – 15V via XLR (2A)

 reliable & versatile

Very robust aluminium chassis

No fan = 100% silent

Audiophile quality


Included cables

1x XLR—7.4*5.0 w/PIN cable (1 meter)

HDPLEX 200W LPSU lineair power supply included cables


2x XLR—> 5.5/2.5mm cable (1.5 meter) 2 x XLR—> 5.5/2.1mm cable (1 meter)

(for PicoPSU/SoTM/PPA/JPLAY USB card external input, Squeezebox 5V input)

HDPLEX 200W LPSU linear power supply included cables

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