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Hand crafted by Paul Pang in Taiwan
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Ultimate upgrade for streaming via Tidal, Qobuz,,…
Ultimate upgrade for streaming movies via Netflix,…
Ultimate upgrade for streaming via a NAS or Dual PC
4x optimizing jitter & phase noise
4x linear power supply & OCXO clock



New reference audiophile switch developed in 2020: Quad Switch OCXO

Audiophile switch - Quad Switch OCXO

This quad switch has 4 switches in 1 case. All four switches are reclocked by the PPA OCXO module, which results in even lower jitter values, lower phase noise and overall lower noise floor for your streaming audio network.

This audiophile switch is an extreme upgrade for your complete streaming audio network. Almost unbelievable how music via Tidal or Qobuz can sound like.

Also streaming via a NAS, Dual PC setup and even video quality via Netflix or YouTube will improve dramatically.

The sound you will achieve thanks to this audiophile switch currently beats any other switch in the world… 🙂

Quad Run

The network signal of your source component (internet router, NAS,…) is re-clocked 4 times via the custom-made OCXO module before it arrives at your destination component (music server, streamer, ethernet DAC,…)

You can see an example of this configuration in the image below:

audiophile switch quad switch configuration

Custom developed linear power supply

This Quad Switch uses a linear power supply that was specially developed for this application. With separate regulation for the clock part and the network part.

You will not only have 4x clocked signal via the custom-made OCXO, but also 4x an ideal linear power supply is included.

Including PPA Red LAN cables to make the Quad Run

This audiophile reference switch comes with all PPA Red LAN cables included to make the Quad Run:

Audiophile switch LAN cables included

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Hand crafted in Taiwan by Paul Pang
Including free shipping worldwide

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