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Ultimate upgrade for streaming via Tidal, Qobuz,,…
Ultimate upgrade for streaming video (Netflix,…)
Ultimate upgrade for streaming via NAS or Dual PC
Incl. 4x linear power supply & reference OCXO clock
4x optimizing jitter & phase noise on your network


New benchmark for audiophile switches: The Quad Switch – developed in 2020 by streaming audio pioneer Paul Pang

Audiophile switch - Quad Switch OCXO

“Unique in the world: 4x re-clocking via OCXO clock and 4x using linear power supply”

Best audiophile switch in the world

Currently there is no other audiophile switch in the world offering this type of extreme audiophile layout & audiophile modifications for improving the sound quality of your high-end streaming audio setup:

Your signal coming from the internet or your NAS will pass 4x via the audiophile grade OCXO clock and 4x via the custom made audiophile grade linear power supply before it reaches your streamer, music server or ethernet DAC.

This results in 4x lower noise floor, 4x lower jitter and 4x lower phase noise when compared to other brands audiophile switches that are only using only 1x these types of optimizations.

No other manufacturer in the world is already using such an extreme layout and implementation.

Therefore the Quad Switch is currently regarded as the best switch in the world.

Because of such an extreme layout, all aspects of your sound quality will improve dramatically:

For instance you will have a 100% pure, natural and analogue sound, realism, a holographic soundstage with width, depth and height, increased natural dynamics, increased pace, rhythm, attack and timing (PRAT), instruments displayed as they are playing live in your living room, pin-pointed in the exact place in the stereo image, and this list of sound benefits is endless…

Not only streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz or Spotify will improve dramatically, also your video quality will get an extreme upgrade when using services such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime,…


“Quad Run” principle

The Quad Switch is the only audiophile switch in the world that is using 4 switches inside one device. This enables the network signal of your source (internet router, NAS,…) to be re-clocked 4 times via the custom-made OCXO module and linear power supply before it arrives at your destination component (music server, streamer, ethernet DAC,…)

Signal flow will be as follows:

Internet Router > Quad Switch A > Quad Switch B > Quad Switch C > Quad Switch D > Streamer

You can see an example of this configuration in the image below:

audiophile switch quad switch configuration

No other manufacturer is currently already using this principle. The Quad Switch and its extreme sound quality benefits are currently unique in the world…


4x using an audiophile grade OCXO clock


Paul Pang OCXO clock

Most audiophile switches on the market do not use an advanced clock such as an OCXO because an OCXO is very expensive. Most of them will only use a TCXO at best, or they will not even use a better clock at all for optimizing the network signal. And that is not all: all other audiophile switches are single run designs using only 1 switch, so also using only 1x their clock. The Quad Switch is currently the only switch in the world that uses an OCXO clock in the “Quad Run” principle. This means it uses 4x (four times!) the audiophile grade OCXO clock for optimizing your streaming audio network. You will have 4x the benefit of lowering jitter, 4x the benefits of lowering phase noise and 4x the benefits of lowering noise floor when compared to other audiophile switches. That is also the reason why the Quad Switch will have such a dramatic impact on the sound quality in your audio setup.


4x using a custom designed linear power supply

Audiofiele switch Quad Switch OCXO PPA Studio Paul Pang

The Quad Switch also uses an audiophile grade linear power supply that was especially designed for this application. With separate regulation for the clock part and separately for the network part.

So, you will not only have the benefit of 4x re-clocked signal via the custom-made OCXO module, but you will also have 4x a linear power supply to benefit your sound. This is also the reason why you will experience such an extreme low noise floor and all subsequent sound quality benefits when using the Quad Switch in your setup.


Some client reviews:


client review audiophile switch quad switch - my system never sounded this good or analogue

Client review audiophile switch quad switch - i have never been so hooked on my system and its sound quality

Client review audiophile switch quad switch - never have I heard my system sound so live life-like and real

client review audiophile switch quad switch - I am so loving quad switch

Client review audiophile switch quad switch - the sound quality is from another planet

Client review audiophile switch quad switch - I am blown away sound quality has floored me speechless to be honest

Client review quad switch - my jaw is still on the floor

Quad Switch in client setups:


+300.000 euro Aries Cerat Setup in London, UK:

Client setup and testimonial Quad Switch


B&w 802 Diamond D3 & Aurender setup in Antwerp, Belgium:

Client using Quad Switch with Aurender and B&W 802 Diamond

And some more reactions from clients:

“I received the switch yesterday. I immediately installed the switch to be able to start the burn-in process. WHOOW, what a difference, words fall short. Details, space, beautiful round, full and analogue sound. There is a lot more going on than just the “nasty stuff” disappearing. I think I can now for the first time hear the full potential of my installation. This switch is really an underestimated product. My wife and myself are now already very pleased that we took the step to add the second Dual Switch (making it “Quad Run”). When this switch already has such a positive effect straight from the box, we are very exciting & anticipating the final results when the switch has been fully burned-in.” – an Audiophile from Antwerp, Belgium

“We are now sure that the second Dual Switch is burned-in completely. Me and my wife are speechless. Completely blown away. Unbelievable what we are now hearing on the setup. We are very satisfied. This morning I made promotion for you with Francis of Technology Factory. Francis is the guy where I bought the Shunyata and Isoacoustics gear (also used on both Dual Switches). I assured Francis that the enthusiast descriptions of the products on your website are in fact an understatement!” – an Audiophile from Antwerp, Belgium



Extreme upgrade

Audiofiele switch Quad Switch OCXO PPA Studio Paul Pang

The “Quad Switch” audiophile switch is an extreme upgrade for your complete streaming audio network. It is almost unbelievable how music via Tidal, Qobuz or other streaming services can really sound like.

Also streaming via a NAS, Dual PC setup, ethernet DAC and even video quality via Netflix or YouTube will improve dramatically.

Apart from being used in cost-no-object high-end audio setups, of course also more modestly priced setups can benefit dramatically when using the Quad Switch.


Included for free: PPA Red LAN cables to make the Quad Run

This audiophile reference switch comes with 3x PPA Red audiophile LAN cables included as an extra bonus so you can make the Quad Run:

Audiophile switch LAN cables included


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