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Hand crafted by Paul Pang in Taiwan
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Upgrade for streaming via Tidal, Qobuz,,…
Upgrade for streaming video (Netflix,…)
Upgrade for streaming via NAS or Dual PC
With 2x linear power supply & reference OCXO clock
Optimizes 2x jitter & phase noise on your network


Reference audiophile network switch

Dual OCXO switch - reference audiophile network switch


 Hand Crafted in Taiwan by streaming audio pioneer Paul Pang.
Currently the best audiophile switch in the world
Incl. free 20cm TZ Yun audiophile LAN cable


Two in One

Two OCXO switches are used in this one component.

By using these two switches in series, you create an extra buffer = the “Dual Run” principle by Paul Pang.

Both switches are supplied with a linear power supply and signal is re-clocked by the PPA OCXO clock.

This results in:

Extreme low phase noise
Extreme low noise floor.
Extreme low jitter values


Music via streaming services & NAS becomes 100% analog, natural & realistic. 

Even image quality via Netflix or other internet service improves drastically.

Sound quality of this Dual OCXO Switch beats any other audiophile switch in the world so far.


A true reference

This audiophile switch is used in cost-no-object high-end streaming audio setups.

Here you can see some pictures of 2x Dual Switch in an extreme high-end audio setup with Paul Pang FC10 server and complete Aries Cerat system, including Aries Cerat loudspeakers & reference DAC:


Aries Cerat Dual OCXO Switch - reference audiophile switch


Aries Cerat Dual OCXO Switch - reference audiophile switch


Aries Cerat Dual OCXO Switch - reference audiophile switch


Of course your setup does not have to be cost-no-object to enjoy the sound qualities of this reference audiophile switch. 🙂


Quad Run for extreme streaming audio user

If you want to take your streaming audio setup to the highest levels of performance, Paul Pang advises to use 2x Dual Switches in a row, which gives you a so called “Quad Run”:

Dual Switch OCXO 4x Run


Client testimonials

Here are some testimonials of clients that already use this newly designed Dual Switch:
reacties van gebruikers
“First quad audiophile ethernet switch delivered in Europe, made by Paul Pang with dual power supplies and OCXO clocks, feeding the FC10 PPA music server and Aries Cerat Kassandra Reference DAC / full Aries Cerat system, made by Stavros Danos.

Never imagined that in my lifetime I would ever prefer internet streaming via Tidal compared to my beloved CD player and turntable.” 


reacties van gebruikers

“To summarize…left the switches and amps running on standby overnight ..
Melody Gardot and Mark Knopfler was just amazing on Roon streaming off the internet.
Had a very special air around the voice just like the LPs…better than my CD player!

The PPA cables, switches and streaming by far is the very best for the money spent.”


reacties van gebruikers

Dual switch (single)….with same power cables and same LAN cables…

of course it all comes down to the power regulators that i was using before

so it is difficult to compare

overall the results is more depth and instrument separation and slightly better dynamics

new OCXO switch still only 30 minutes running
so it will get much better in time
already i like it though
still not tested second dual switch
now after 1 hr more body the new switch …also i connected ground and even more body !

bravo KaiYu !

now 2nd dual connected !
i hear more air around instruments….the instruments and voices have a more solid presence in space and better defined
overall more 3D
and slightly more body so far…2nd switch only 20 minutes on
and better resolution !

overall : i am very happy with my purchase !
and lower noise floor as well KaiYu..
the more i listen the more excited i become !



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Including free PPA Studio Red LAN cable to make dual run

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