Audiophile Network Switch TCXO – PPA Studio Paul Pang


Hand crafted by Paul Pang in Taiwan
Price includes import taxes and 21% VAT
Free shipping to The Netherlands & Belgium
Incl. 2 years warranty & personal advice

Budget friendly upgrade for streaming via Tidal, Qobuz,…
Budget friendly upgrade for Netflix, YouTube,…
Budget friendly upgrade for NAS or Dual PC
Incl. reference TCXO clock
Optimizes jitter & phase noise on your network

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Audiophile network switch TCXO

This audiophile ethernet switch is handcrafted in Taiwan by streaming audio legend Paul Pang.

Incl. custom-made TCXO clock & audio grade capacitors that provide:

– lower jittter values
– lower phase noise
– lower noise floor

Improvement & upgrade for complete network

Your complete streaming audio setup benefits from this TCXO switch upgrade:

  • Online streaming such as YouTube, Tidal, Qobuz,…
  • NAS or Dual PC

Music is less harsh, and portrayed with a more silent background, wider stereo image, more focus, detail and more analog sounding.

Audiophile Switch – Single Run

Here you can see a single run setup, with one audiophile network switch:

Audiophile Network Switch TCXO - Single Run

Audiophile Switch – Dual Run

For best result Paul Pang advises a Dual Run, with 2x audiophile switch:

This creates another buffer, and provides even lower jitter values, even lower phase noise,… which will make your music sound even better.

Audiophile ethernet Switch TCXO - Dual Run


Power requirements: 5V/ 1A min.
Included: standard 5V/ 1A SMPS AC adapter.
Recommended to use 5V / 1.5A Linear Power Supply for improved sound quality.

standaard switching power supply unit

You want the best result?

This TCXO switch is only suitable for people using a budget friendly setup.

Do you want the best performance & sound quality?

Then I heartily recommend the reference Dual OCXO Switch from Paul Pang.