Audiophile SATA Cable – Red II – PPA Studio Paul Pang

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Budget friendly audiophile SATA cable
Upgrade for connecting HDD, SSD or cd-drive

Handmade on order by computer audiophile “guru” Paul Pang
Delivery time: approx. 3 – 4 weeks

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Why use an audiophile SATA cable?

The average audiophile spends a lot of money on audiophile cables to wire his audio setup. Maybe you are one of them?

Well, then I advice you to do the same inside your audiophile computer or streamer.

Normally SSD or HDD drives inside a computer are wired with basic cables. Amongst other things, these cables are not shielded properly and are not optimized for high-end audio reproduction.

EMI/RFI has free rein, and these cables do not offer an optimal signal transfer.

The SATA connection between HDD/SSD and motherboard is the most important connection inside your audio-PC.

It will be the weakest link if your cables are not optimal.

When you use an audiophile cable for this task, you will be amazed of the sound improvements this will bring.

Budget friendly audiophile SATA cable

SATA cable Red II Paul Pang

The Paul Pang SATA Red II is currently the most budget friendly audiophile SATA cable made by Paul Pang. Do you want to use a price / quality SATA cable in your audio PC or streamer? Then the Paul Pang SATA Red II will be your best choice.


For many years Paul Pang has been the pioneer when it comes to high-end computer audio.

His designs are now used by many different brands and manufacturers.

Today Paul Pang still delivers the best products for building your “ultimate” audio-PC.

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✓ Handmade on order by computer audio pioneer Paul Pang in Taiwan.
✓ Lead time: approx. 3 – 4 weeks

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