Audiophile SATA Cable "Black Reference" – PPA Studio Paul Pang

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Top-of-the-line Paul Pang SATA cable
Highest quality materials
Optimal shielding against EMI/RFI
Optimal signal transfer

Handmade on order by computer audiophile “guru” Paul Pang
Delivery time: approx. 3 – 4 weeks

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Why use an audiophile SATA cable in your PC?

Audiophile SATA cable Black reference Paul Pang

The average audiophile spends a lot of money on audiophile cables to wire his audio setup. Maybe you are one of them?

Well, then I advice you to do the same inside your audiophile computer or streamer.

Normally SSD or HDD drives inside a computer are wired with basic cables. Amongst other things, these cables are not shielded properly and are not optimized for high-end audio reproduction.

EMI/RFI has free rein, and these cables do not offer an optimal signal transfer.

The SATA connection between HDD/SSD and motherboard is the most important connection inside your audio-PC.

It will be the weakest link if your cables are not optimal.

When you use an audiophile cable for this task, you will be amazed of the sound improvements this will bring.

Audiophile SATA cable “black” reference

Audiophile SATA Cable Paul Pang BLACK

The audiophile SATA cableBlack Reference is the flagship SATA cable of PPA Studio Paul Pang.

Do you want to go for “the ultimate” in your high-end audio PC?

Then this audiophile SATA cable is the ideal upgrade.

Sound improvements

More tranquility
More authority
Everything sounds more “smooth”
Natural & organic sound
Portrayed on a “black” background


For many years Paul Pang has been the pioneer when it comes to high-end computer audio.

His designs are now used by many different brands and manufacturers.

Today Paul Pang still delivers the best products for building your “ultimate” audio-PC.



✓ Support for SATA3
✓ Compatible with Windows 10, Server 2012 & Server 2016

High quality plugs


Audiophile Paul Pang SATA black angled plugs

This cable uses solid aluminium connectors.

The cable itself uses high quality materials for optimal shielding. The cable is very sturdy, thick & less supple than other Paul Pang cables.

To prevent damage to SSD or motherboard because of tensity load you have the option to choose hooked / angled plugs instead of the straight plugs.

This way you can guarantee optimal connection inside your audio-PC.

User experiences



I received this cable a few days ago.
I couldn’t believe the improvement in boot time! Wow!
Still assessing the audio improvement but the noise floor is lowered significantly.
How long does it take for the cable to break in?
I viewed a couple of blogs that had input on your cable that seemed to discount the possibility a sata cable could affect errors/sound quality and your comment that it improves sound by lowering the error rate.
I think your point of lowering error rate is proved beyond doubt by the dramatically improved boot times.
The sound improvement seemed to make sense to me as latency would be changing if the PC was error correcting.



I just installed your cables and USB cable and I can tell you that out of the box they have made a huge improvement. 

I can only imagine how much better it will sound as the cables and card break in.

Hi Paul

(…) just the cables have made a very noticeable improvement in SQ.  
Brightness has gone, smoother and more musical.  
Attack better again, more decay, 
better definition depth and transparency.  

Together with dedicated OS SSD and battery this is sounding great!!


I had my dealer change the cable for me. After the audition,
we think that your cable is amazing.
My dealer told me to order another cable for him. Hence,
 I would like to order one more Black Sata cable.


Audiophile SATA Cable Paul Pang Black Reference plugs

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✓ Handmade on order by computer audio pioneer Paul Pang in Taiwan.
Lead time: approx. 3 – 4 weeks
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