Audiophile Reference AES EBU cable | Platinum M – PPA Studio Paul Pang


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Reference audiophile AES EBU cable
Used in cost-no-object high-end audio setups
Only compared with most expensive cables in the world.

Hand crafted by Paul Pang in Taiwan.
Therefore delivery time is approx. 3 à 4 weeks.



New Reference Audiophile AES EBU cable – Platinum M

Audiofiele AES EBU kabel - Platinum M - PPA Studio Paul Pang - Close up

This reference class audiophile AES EBU cable was newly developed by Paul Pang in 2019.

This AES EBU cable is already used in cost-no-objecthigh-end audio setups around the world.

Please only compare this cable with the most expensive AES EBU cables currently worldwide available.

This cable includes a separate grounding post you can use with your existing grounding panel or grounding box.

Standard length is 1.2 meter.

Finished with XLR