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Audiophile version music server
High-end USB output with OCXO clock
Audiophile SATA cables inside
High-end shielded internal power cables
Incl. high-end external linear power supply
Sends optimal signal to external DAC or digital (pre)amp

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Together with this discount I want to add an extra bonus:

Free optimization software included


INCLUDED FOR FREE (limited time offer):

✓ Latest version Audiophile Optimizer with value of 119 euro
✓ Latest version Fidelizer Pro with value of 69 euro
✓ Latest version Bitsum Process Lasso with value of 30 euro

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Audiophile music server OCXO


Audiofiele muziekserver OCXO binnenkant



What is a “Computer Audio Transport”


A Computer Audio Transport or “CAT” is a computer that is optimized on different levels to send the best possible signal to your external DAC, digital (pre)amplifier or receiver.


high quality music playback


Are you looking for an audiophile music server / streamer of high quality? Then the Computer Audio Transport OCXO could be the ideal solution for you.

In the design I use only the best audiophile components currently available in the world.

This hardware assures optimal music reproduction.


Audiophile Power House


Intel Core i7 7700 Kaby Lake


Thanks to the very powerful i7 processor and with more than enough memory, this music server has no problem with playing files in the highest resolutions like DSD64, DSD128 or DSD256.

Thanks to the this music server has a very fast boot time, low latency and very responsive all the time.


Jitter & timing errors reduced to minimum


Audiofiele muziekserver OCXO optimale clock

Standard computer USB outputs are not made for sending an optimal signal to your external DAC. Neither is the standard clock on the motherboard.

The implementation of a decent clock is crucial for optimal signal transfer.

A decently built clock will assure proper timing of the digital signal.

This results in much lower jitter & timing errors.

The lower the jitter value before the signal reaches your DAC, the better the conversion will be from digital to analog.

Jitter & timing errors are the main culprits in digital audio.

Because of these culprits your music can sound harsch or with rough edges, and there will be less tranquility in the sound image.

For many people this “digital” sound has long been the reason not to play digital music, or even detest digital alltogether.

That’s why some audiophiles choose vinyl. Or reel-to-reel tapes. But with vinyl you also have influencing factors like WOW, flutter, rumble,… that can deteriorate the sound.

Therefore you could call jitter the digital form of WOW, flutter or rumble.


Incl. Paul Pang high-end USB card with OCXO clock


Paul Pang USB card V3

To achieve an optimal signal output this music server uses the Paul Pang USB card V3.

This USB card uses a high-end OCXO clock.

This clock will give lower jitter values than the TCXO version.

And of course much lower jitter values than the standard USB output on your computer.

This card is separately powered with a high-end linear power supply. Power is completely separate from the mainboard of the PC. No contamination from dirty mainboard power supply.

More tranquility in sound image

No more rough edges

No harschness

No “digital sound”

This high-end USB card makes digital music sound natural, “analog” and smooth. Just like vinyl or reel-to-reel tape.


Incl. High-end linear power supply


In a standard computer or laptop basic internal power wires are used. Such wires are never optimally shielded, or suited for audiophile music playback.

Because of improper shielding EMI/RFI (Electro Magnetic interference / Radio Frequency Interference) has free rein.

There will be a higher noise floor. There is more restlessness in the music, and will have rough edges.


Incl. Paul Pang PICO PSU


Paul Pang PicoPSU

That is why the Computer Audio Transport OCXO from uses high-end internal power wiring by Paul Pang (the famous Paul Pang PicoPSU).

The power cables on this power supply are made according to the principle of the “twisted pair” to counter EMI/RFI.

Also, the power supply & cables use much better materials.


Incl. External linear power supply

HDPLEX 200W LPSU new version back

To optimally power the PicoPSU this Computer Audio Transport also includes an external linear power supply: the HDPLEX 200W LPSU.

This linear power supply is extremely well built. It uses voltage regulators of Linear Technology. It also has ELNA capacitors inside.

The HDPLEX 200W is highly acclaimed by audiophiles worldwide.

Thanks to the HDPLEX music will become even more controlled, focused, with a blacker background,…


What is the result of a high-end power supply?


By using optimal power in this Computer Audio Transport there is:

A much lower noise floor

More tranquility, focus & control

The stereo image is portrayed on a much more “black” background

Incl. High-end internal SATA cables

PPA Studio Paul Pang SATA Cable RED III

In a normal computer or laptop cheap & basic SATA cables are used to connect the SSD with the motherboard.

These cables are also not shielded which result in EMI/RFI contamination.

Audiophiles usually spend a lot of money on high-end cables for their audio setup. Then why save on cables inside a computer?

Thanks to the high-end SATA cables handmade by Paul Pang EMI/RFI is no longer a problem and signal transfer is optimized.


Incl. Paul Pang SATA-kabel Red III


The Paul Pang SATA Red III cable is a big improvement compared to the Red II.

Thanks to the SATA Red III you’ll get:

An optimal signal transfer between SSD & motherboard

A lower noise floor

Less jitter

A lower latency

The connection between SSD & motherboard is the most important connection inside a PC.

When you use a high-end SATA cable, your music is reproduced with much more ease & naturalness.

You get more rest & focus.

There are even users that notice faster boot times & improved responsiveness when using a high-end SATA cable.




High-end USB output with OCXO clock
High-end SATA cable
Superior internal power supply with audiophile shielded cables
External linear power supply


Audiophile hardware


  • PPA Studio Paul Pang USB V3 output with OCXO clock
  • PPA Studio Paul Pang Red III SATA cable
  • PPA Studio Paul Pang Pico PSU internal power supply
  • Streacom FC9 case with passive cooling
  • HDPLEX 200W external linear power supply
  • PPA Studio Paul Pang high-end cables for power supply

These audiophile components give you:

Very low noise floor

Jitter & timing-errors minimized

More tranquility in sound image

More focus

No rough edges

No harschness

No “digital geluid”

“Black” achtergrond

More naturalness

More analog

An optimal signal is sent to your external DAC or digital (pre)amp. 🙂

PC hardware:

  • Samsung 860 EVO SSD 250 gig
  • ASUS Prime H270M-Plus motherboard
  • Intel i7 7700 quad core processor
  • 16 Gb non-ECC DDR4 RAM

Operating System

Windows 10 Pro official license, optimized for high-end audio reproduction.

BIOS optimized for high-end audio reproduction.


Do you want to get the best out of this CAT?


Then choose for optimization software:

  • Audiophile Optimizer
  • Fidelizer Pro
  • Project Lasso

This audiophile music server can perform even better when using optimization software like JPLAY, Fidelizer, Audiophile Optimizer en Process Lasso.

This software will optimize performance of hardware, software & operating system.


Limited offer: audiophile optimization software included


Free optimization software included


For a limited time I will include these software products FOR FREE when ordering:

  • Audiophile Optimizer
  • Fidelizer Pro
  • Bitsum Process Lasso

The software will be preinstalled and you’ll receive an official license.

Also, you’ll receive proper information how to use this software.

If you have any questions about these optimizations, I’m always there to help.


Separate SSD for music


Samsung 860 EVO SSD


The die-hard audiophile separates his music from his operating system.

If you want you can use 2 SSD’s:

  • 1 SSD for operating system
  • 1 SSD for audio files

Supporters of this approach hear noticeable improvements.

This separate SSD will also use a high-end Paul Pang SATA cable & PicoPSU.


Is only the best good enough?


Do you have a high-end setup of high quality? Then you better choose for the best possible source component.

Be sure to check out the Computer Audio Transport “Ultimate” OCXO – PPA Studio Paul Pang.

Audiofiele Muziekserver computer audio transport OCXO

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