Terms & Conditions



Terms and Conditions are almost never written in a pleasant manner: legal language, small print and sometimes you don't know what you have agreed with.

I prefer to do this different.

When we do business with each other, I want to tell you what I do for you and what I expect of you in return. I'd like to do this in a clear, and easy to read language.

When I'm a customer I would appreciate the same. 🙂

For everybody that likes it clear & simple I have written my terms & conditions in an easy to understand language.

If you still prefer a juridical legal text, then I have the full version for you as well. It mentions the same things, but it is more complicated.


Article 1:

I am Dries Van Hooydonck, owner of AudioPC.info & AudioPC.shop

You can reach me via:

Phone me: +32 499 32 79 75

Mail me: [email protected]

Become my friend: https://Facebook.com/AudioPC

Receive free tips & advice: https://AudioPC.info


Statiestraat 121 bus 2



Currently I don't have a showroom. My store is online.

If you would like to visit me and listen to my products, this is possible. I like to meet fellow passionates like you. After making your appointment you are welcome at the address mentioned above.

This is my BTW number (VAT): BE 0689.573.889


Article 2:

1. I try my best to bring these Terms & Conditions to your attention. It states what I do for you, and what I expect from you. Of course this only applies when you buy something from me. Otherwise it would not be so applicable.

2. Sometimes I have different conditions for a specific product. When this is the case these conditions also apply. Are the two conditions contradicting each other? Then you can choose the most favorable.

3. I deliver in The Netherlands & Belgium on my Dutch webshop. On the English version of my webshop I deliver worldwide.

4. To place an order you must be at least 18 years old. Are you younger? Then ask your parents or a legal guardian to place the order for you.

5. By placing an order you explicitly agree to my terms & conditions that are always available on this website.

6. When you have placed an order in my webshop I will deliver you my terms and conditions, together with the order confirmation and the invoice or at least at the moment of delivery, in a format that you can save or print. I advice you to always do this.


Article 3:

I always tell you on my website what, when and how you can buy something, and what it costs.

 Of course a mistake can always happen. If this is the case you can use it in your advantage. Except when this mistake is a fault of mine and you could have known this in advance.

2. When you place an order in my webshop you receive a confirmation via e-mail. Your order is complete and our agreement is final as soon as I've received confirmation of your payment transaction by the issuer of your debet or credit card or by the payment service. I accept Bancontact, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, iDeal and bank transfer. When the issuer of your card or payment service rejects the payment to me, I cannot be held responsible for any delay upon delivery and/or non delivery of your order. Orders without a valid payment of the rightful cardholder or rightful user of the payment service are not accepted or processed.

3. When you have any questions regarding a product such as specifications, size, delivery terms, delivery method, or something else, you can always contact me before you place an order.


Article 4:

1. Did you test the product once and are you not happy with it? Then you can return it 14 days after you have received it. Then I can send you a new product or you can receive a refund within 7 days.

2. During the period of buyers protection you may unwrap the product and use it as you would use it in a store. Do you use the product in such a way that it is not in new condition anymore, then it is possible that I can only refund you for an amount that is less than the retail value.

3. I don't need a reason why you use your buyers protection. But of course I am curious. I would love to receive your feedback, so I can further improve my website and be of better service for my customers in the future.

4. You probably understand why you cannot return the following items:
 Products that are custom made for you like a custom made music server, or products made by Paul Pang ; Other products where the seal has been damaged or opened ; Software that has been installed or registered already ; Services that already took place.


Article 5:

1. See article 3.

2. All prices on my website are in EURO, and are inclusive of BTW (= Belgian VAT) and all legal contributions.

3. Normal shipping to Belgium & The Netherlands is always free of charge. Shipping to other countries is free of charge for orders above 500 euro.

4. If I charge extra costs for a delivery, a reservation or administration, then this will be indicated separately.


Article 6:

1. You are doing online business with me in a secure website environment.

2. To guarantee a safe & secure payment and the protection of your personal data, all transactional records are sent over the internet with an encrypted connection using SSL technology. To pay via SSL you don't need any special software. You recognize a secure SSL connection with the “padlock” in the statusbalk of your web browser.

3. Is something not correct with the payment details? Then please let me know.


Article 7:

1. See article 3

2. You are entitled to a good product. Period. In the case something is wrong, I will solve it for you. I always follow the law.

3. For some products the supplier offers more warranty. When AudioPC.shop or the supplier offers more warranty I will mention the duration and the conditions on the web page of the product.


Article 8:

1. As soon as I've received your order I get to work. Products that are in stock are sent the same day or the day after the order.

2. I also sell products that are made on order, for you personally. Examples are my ready-made music servers and products of Paul Pang. Of course I cannot send these products immediately. I therefore mention an average delivery term of 3 to 4 weeks before these products are finished and ready to be shipped. Most of the time they are ready sooner. But it could take longer as well. Also keep in mind that products from outside the European Union could be held by Customs for clearance before they arrive at AudioPC.shop, and before I am able to send them to you. Of course I will keep you informed about the status of your order.

3. I ship for free to your address if this is an official address in Belgium or The Netherlands. I ship worldwide as well. Worldwide shipping is free of charge for orders above 500 euro. I mention on every product page if a product applies for free worldwide shipping.

4. By default I ship all my packages with UPS. As soon as your package has been shipped, you receive receive a tracking number from me, so you can easily follow your shipment.

5. When you ordered a product I cannot deliver anymore, you receive your money back, or I can offer you a quality alternative.

6. When a product is damaged or lost before it arrives to you, or to a person designated by you, this is my responsibility.


Article 9:

1. If there is a case of force majeure it could happen that I cannot fullfill my obligations towards you anymore. You will find out as soon as possible. When the case of force majeure has ended I will fullfill my promises. When this takes too long, you may cancel your purchase. When you payed in advance you will get a full refund within a week.

2. Force majeure is every circumstance beyond my will and control why I cannot fullfill my promises towards you. This includes strikes, fire, business failures, power failures, failures in a (telecommunication) network or connection, a failure in used communication services or the unavailability of our website, non delivery of suppliers, or other third parties engaged.


Article 10:

1. My website, logo's, texts, pictures, names and in general all my communication are protected by copyright law. This means you cannot use, reproduce or copy my logo, website, pictures, names, texts, color combinations etc without my prior consent.


Article 11:

1. Do you have a complaint? Then I want to do everything I can to remedy. Of course I have a procedure for this.

2. When you have a complaint, let me know quickly via [email protected], of via letter addressed to:

t.a.v. Dries Van Hooydonck
Statiestraat 121 bus 2

Describe your problem as clearly as possible, so I can help you the best way I can.

3. Within 3 working days you receive my answer, or you'll hear how much time I would need to set things straight.

4. Can't we resolve the issue together?Then you can submit your case to the Consumer Mediation Service of the Belgian Federal Government. This service will handle your complaint, or send you to a different authority.  You can reach the Consumer Mediation Service at: https://www.consumerombudsman.be/en

5. You can also submit your complaint to the dispute commission via the Belgian ODR platform.


Article 12:

I find it important that you know what happens with your data. You can read this in my Privacy Statement.



You are now at the end of the clear and easy to read version of my Terms & Conditions. This summary is not legally binding. You can read the full version here.