Client testimonials

Client Testimonials


Here you can read some of our clients feedback:

Music Server OCXO with Chord DAC in high-end headphone setup in The Netherlands


Wim Koolwijk, NL

- Music Server OCXO

"Deep and very tight bass, wide stereo image (almost 3D) and very distinctive.

You can hear exactly where the voices and instruments are located. With piano you can exactly hear the location of the fingers.

And apart from voices and instruments there is a complete silence. 

This never gets boring!!" 

Paul Pang FC5 server with TotalDAC & 300B valve amplifiers in France

Image Image

Michel Oggego, France

- Paul Pang reference music server FC5

"The Paul Pang FC5 server is truly an audiophile component. 

It respects the very low noise floor of my TotalDAC & 300B amplifiers, and adds to the emotion of the music.  Even in "pianissimo" the musical message remains in tact extremely well... and very clear. 

Everything is now portrayed more lifelike, with more resolution.

It also portrays the acoustical space where the performance is recorded, as if you were present yourself, or like attending a live concert. Also the FC5 displays more richness of timbre.

I can now also play much louder without the sound becoming fatiguing. 

Big differences when compared to my iMac. 

These results are beyond all expectations. 

The FC5 respects, supports & serves the music in a beautiful manner.

I am very pleased. 

Thank you Dries for all the good work."

(vertaald uit het frans) 


Audiophile LPSU cable for HDPLEX in United Kingdom

Image Image

Martin Daly, UK

- love cable LPSU cable for HDPLEX

"Hi Dries

Thank you for sending power supply. I am using it now with the Love cable LPSU cable (connected to my NUC).

What a difference that cable makes.

I'm very pleased. I expect to buy three more of those cables (two cables for NAS drives and one for network switch) in the near future from you.

Once again thank you very much..."

Computer Audio Transport OCXO - First impressions


Wim Koolwijk, The Netherlands

- Computer Audio Transport OCXO

"For two weeks now I am pleased listening to a very good sounding combination.

Regarding your music server: it gives an enormous improvement in quality. I hear things in the music I never heard before. There is also a complete absence of background noise.

The low end is tight, and the mids are very natural.

The treble was a bit sharp at first. After replacing my silver interlinks with my copper black rhodium tempo's this was gone.

What also struck me: music now sounds very smooth... Before using your music server the sound was more frayed (don't know how else to describe this).

To summarize: it sounds pretty nice and I expect even more improvement with my new DAC."

HDPLEX 200W LPSU in Spain


David Casas, Spain

- HDPLEX 200W linear power supply

"Hi Dries,

This weekend I had the opportunity of a serious HDPLEX listening, once it had arrived at the optimal running temperature (48h).

The first thing that comes to mind is the silence, the lowest noisefloor & black background that I have ever heard.

After a while I began to hear a silky and more natural treble, a deepest and widest imaging, a low end more controlled, an increased separation between the musicians (air etc)

But all together these aspects are not as notorious as that silence and somehow the feeling that I need to increase the volume knob for the same sound level, but it is just a feeling, due to the fact that my system has stopped "shouting", if that makes sense?"

Music Server OCXO with Paul Pang USB Cable & Paul Pang OCXO Switch in Germany

Image Image

Andreas Fürst, Germany

- Paul Pang OCXO Switch

- Paul Pang Dual Lead USB cable
- Music Server OCXO

(Translated from German)

"Hello Dries

First of all: thank you for the smooth transaction. Super!

It is hard to believe what kind of improvement the Paul Pang OCXO Switch & Paul Pang Dual Lead USB Cable brings.

I play my music via the network (NAS).

Everything sounds much more stable & controlled now.

My friend Mario came over to listen. He also found that the OCXO Switch sounds amazing in my setup.

Now he also wants to buy your OCXO Switch & maybe also the Dual Lead USB cable. 🙂

I gave him your contact details.



Late night listening session & audiophile music discovery


Tom Trimpeneers, Belgium
(Translated from Dutch)

"Hey Dries

Thanks again for the listening session last night.

Very impressive music system you have, and I did a very good musical discovery with Terence Blanchard.

The band I talked about yesterday, and warmly recommended from my side – Snarky Puppy.

I'd say, worth to listen in the highest possible quality!

Friendly regards


300.000 euro setup with Paul Pang FC10 server in United Kingdom



Paris Tekkis, UK

- Paul Pang FC10 reference music server

"Your server is better than my YbA Signature cd transport (15.900 euro) and my dual chassis YbA cd transport from the 1980's. 

Also better than my Avid turntable and AC phono stage which cost me around 40.000 Pounds." 

Paul Pang audiophile SATA cables in Cocktail Audio X50 streamer

Image Image

Frank Rossmanith, Germany

- Paul Pang audiophile SATA cables

"Hi Dries,

Last weekend I tested the Paul Pang SATA II Cable. Before I tested, the cable was played in for 50 hours in my Cocktail Audio X-50 streamer.

The different between the original cable and the Paul Pang SATA Red II is very big. It´s amazing!

Much more analog sounding now.

Because the SATA Red II already gives such an improvement, I'd like to try the Red III now.



Fidelizer Pro software used for custom Audio-PC


Jurgen Janssen, The Netherlands

- Fidelizer Pro software

"Dear Dries,

I wanted to inform you about my first experiences with Fidelizer Pro.

I have now been regularly listening for two weeks. 

Indeed Fidelizer Pro makes quite an improvement to my sound.  

The sound image is more dimentional, a little bit wider but especially deeper. The highs are more pleasant, the mids more musical, and I hear more details.

First "quad run" audiophile ethernet switch delivered in Europe

Image Image

Paris Tekkis, UK

- Paul Pang 2x Dual OCXO Switch

“First quad audiophile ethernet switch delivered in Europe, made by Paul Pang with dual power supplies and OCXO clocks, feeding the FC10 PPA music server and Aries Cerat Kassandra Reference DAC / full Aries Cerat system, made by Stavros Danos.

Never imagined that in my lifetime I would ever prefer internet streaming via Tidal compared to my beloved CD player and turntable.”

Audiophile USB Card & power supply in Computer Audio Transport, The Netherlands


Arjan Van Borre, The Netherlands

- Paul Pang USB card V3
- Paul Pang PicoPSU

(private message via Facebook)

"Wow Dries, what a sound. My set really comes to life now. I am totally amazed.

I've had some very expensive cd-players in the past but they never sounded this good."


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