PPA Studio Paul Pang

Computer audio pionier

Paul Pang is the first computer audio pioneer worldwide. He started his company in 2005.

In those days there was nobody else that implemented audiophile components in computers.

Here you can see the new audition room & test setup of Paul Pang, with his FC5 server taking center stage:

PPA Studio Paul Pang demo listening room

Paul Pang was the first manufacturer worldwide that designed high-end SATA cables & linear power supplies for computer audiophile purposes.

Paul Pang was also the first manufacturer to use a TCXO-clock (and later the much better OCXO-clock) on the USB output of a PC.

Paul Pang implemented these optimizations long before other brands started using them.

A lot of his creations were later copied by famous brands.

Cult status

At the moment these components and music servers of Paul Pang are used by audiophiles worldwide. So they can get the highest possible performance of their digital audio setup.

Here’s an example of a customer that was very happy to trade his +5.000 euro cd transport for a PPA Studio Paul Pang music server:

Audio setup paul pang gebruiker

Via his blog Paul Pang gained a lot of followers. Thanks to his new concepts he now has worldwide recognition & “cult status”.

And here’s a picture of a high-end audio dealer showroom using Paul Pang products as well:

Optimal signal to DAC

The components of Paul Pang only have one goal: get the best possible signal to your external DAC (or digital preamp / receiver).

This means:

  • Optimal signal transfer
  • Lowest possible jitter values
  • Lowest possible timing errors
  • Extreme low noise floor

Sound quality improvements:

  • More tranquility
  • More focus
  • More microdetail
  • Black background
  • No “digital” harshness
  • More naturalness
  • Analog sound

The most famous example is the Paul Pang USB card with OCXO clock:

Paul Pang Usb Card V3

Paul Pang remains innovative

Paul Pang keeps improving his designs. To achieve the goal of perfect digital sound coming from a computer, he always explores the limits of what is possible.

At the moment Paul Pang does not only implement his OCXO clock on the output, but also on the input.

First he did this via the motherboard, and later also via the internal SSD.

This was a complex task and did not yield optimal results with every motherboard.

Therefore Paul Pang now offers this “ultimate” OCXO module only in his latest Kaby Lake music server.

He uses the clock module on:

  1. OCXO on latest V5 USB card
  2. OCXO on SSD M2 for operating system
  3. OCXO on SSD M2 for music files
  4. OCXO on network chip

This design is currently unique in the world. No other manufacturer of high-end streamers & music servers offers such an extreme implementation of perfect clocking.

Together with his OCXO Switch & OCXO Router this gives the best possible result currently available for high-end computer audio.

The result?

100 % analog sound 🙂

Collaboration with

I am very proud to work together with Paul Pang: the first computer audio pioneer that continues to make products of the highest quality.



"Hi Paul, Your V3 card sounds amazing right out of the box,and powered by a regular power supply. Analogue sound, and hearing details in music that I never heard before. I run a top notch asynchronous DAC(Phasure NOS) and didn't expect much of an improvement, but I was proven very wrong. Keep up the good work and my very best to you." (Lineke Heus, reactie op de blog van Paul Pang)


"I installed the card ...WOW ! The quality of the sound was amazing ! It was powered by external
battery. I was normally shocked how your card improved the sound over regular USB port. It is impossible but true 😉 Good work !!!!" (Piopio, reactie op de blog van Paul Pang)


"The V4 USB card has taken my Audio-PC to an unbelievable level, I highly recommend this card, it is easy to install and fits perfectly in my Streacom ST-FC5WS-Evo chassis with a little modification for the mounting screws. The clock temperature runs at about 30 degrees centigrade, which is no issue. Definitely worth the price." (Leon Motta, reactie op de blog van Paul Pang)


"I bought the V3 USB card and it sounds amazing! I had an SoTM USB card, both powered by linear power supply and I found that the PPA V3 sounds much smoother and more analogue so I sell the SoTM with no regret." (Fazakas Tom, reactie op de blog van Paul Pang)


I just installed your cables and USB cable and I can tell you that out of the box they have made a huge improvement. 
I can only imagine how much better it will sound as the cables and card break in. 
Just out of curiosity, 
how does the sonic signature of the card and cables change over the next two hundred hours?"

(e-mail aan Paul Pang)


I received this cable a few days ago. 
I couldn't believe the improvement in boot time! Wow! 
Still assessing the audio improvement but the noise floor is lowered significantly. 
How long does it take for the cable to break in? 
I viewed a couple of blogs that had input on your cable that seemed to discount the possibility a sata cable could affect errors/sound quality and your comment that it improves sound by lowering the error rate. 
I think your point of lowering error rate is proved beyond doubt by the dramatically improved boot times.  
The sound improvement seemed to make sense to me as latency would be changing if the PC was error correcting. "
(e-mail aan Paul Pang)


Streacom PC case with passive cooling

Streacom designs the perfect cases to build an audiophile streamer or music server since 2010 . Also PC gamers like this case a lot because of the passive cooling options.

A processor inside a computer gets very hot. In traditional cases this heat is cooled with a motorized fan. This is not ideal for high-end audio applications because the noise can distract you from your music. Also, a motorized fan gives an extra load on your power supply and can cause a higher noise floor.

Thanks to the use of heat pipes that are mounted on the CPU, and thanks to the high quality construction of the case your CPU does not need a fan anymore. You can cool it "passive".

No noise. No extra load on the power supply. Your PC will be dead quiet, with the lowest possible noise floor.

Streacom cases are the most widely used passive cooled cases in the world for audiophile application. The ideal partner to build your perfect digital source component.



"It’s an amazing case, the design, quality, the materials, there is really nothing I can pick on about this case." - Singularity Computers


"The combination of beauty and functionality makes this case a must have for any enthusiast building a media center PC. If you’re the kind of person that just must have the best of the best, the Streacom FC9 Alpha is the chassis for you" - Proclockers, Editor's Choice Award


"The Streacom FC9 Alpha is easily one of the highest quality, best looking small form factor chassis on the market today." - Hard OCP, Editor's Choice Gold Award


"Streacom may not be one of the largest or most popular manufacturers of PC cases in the market today but through the years they’ve released some of the most high-quality desktop chassis money can buy and the FC10 Alpha is no exception to that" - Nikk Tech


Mytek Digital

Mytek has become nr. 1 manufacturer to design the best possible price / quality DAC components on the market.

Apart from being reference DAC's with ultra low jitter FEMTO clocks inside, these DAC's have a lot more to offer you:

  • First DAC's with native MQA decoder
  • First DAC's at the time to play native DSD
  • Currently DSD64, DSD128 & DSD256 support
  • High resolution PCM up to 32bit/384 Khz
  • First DAC in the world with MM/MC phono input
  • Reference headphone amplifier inside
  • Roon Ready

An authority as reference: 

David Chesky is a famous sound engineer, owner of audiophile record label Chesky Records and founder of

He uses Mytek products for many years now.



"All I want from my stereo is an open door to the music on my recordings. I don't want to just peer in that door—I want to walk straight through it and sit down close, to grasp the full nature of their sounds in that space. I want a hint of reality. Mytek HiFi's Manhattan II DAC–preamp–headphone amp let me do all that." - Herb Reichert, Stereophile


"The Mytek Brooklyn is an incredibly versatile audio component. In fact, I can't think of another HiFi component that packs as much capability and technology into a single chassis" - Chris Connaker, Computer Audiophile


"The Mytek Brooklyn is the first non-Meridian-branded DAC that supports MQA. Because of that, every time it’s been shown, whether at a consumer or industry event, it has generated practically standing-room-only interest." - Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound