All components to build an ultimate high-end audio PC
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Looking for an upgrade of your streaming audio setup? In my webshop you can find hand crafted reference music servers, streamers, audiophile switches and other components for an ultimate high-end streaming audio experience...

In my webshop you can find all the components you need to build an ultimate high-end audio PC.

One place where all components for an ultimate audiophile PC are gathered.

These components are the best that is currently available worldwide.

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You don't want to build yourself? No problem.

In my webshop you can also find ready-made audiophile music servers, streamers and audiophile switches.

Do you want cost-no-object, or prefer price conscious? I sell models in every price range.

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Optimized audiophile PC inside

Inside of an optimized audiophile PC

Why use an audiophile PC?

A regular computer, laptop or streamer will never give you an optimal sound.

Here you can read why it is better to use an audiophile PC.

Why an audiophile PC?
Dries Van Hooydonck -


As a kid I built my first computers.

I've been passionate about music & high-end audio my whole life.

I met dealers, but also manufacturers, cable designers & loudspeaker manufacturers. I have several friends that work in a studio as sound engineer, and friends that are active as professional musician.

All these people shared their knowledge with me, invaluable information about the sector, abot technical aspects of components, about auditive aspects of music reproduction, accoustics and so on.

This knowledge I now use for developing my own “killer audio PC”.

Your setup also deserves an ultimate source.

Nowhere in the world you can find all components necessary to build such ultimate audio PC on one website.

That's why I started

On this website you can find everything you need to build an ultimate high-end audio PC.

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Andreas Fürst, Duitsland
(Translated from German)

Hello Dries

First of all: thank you for the smooth transaction. Super!

It is hard to believe what kind of improvement the Paul Pang OCXO Switch & Paul Pang Dual Lead USB Cable brings.

I play my music via the network (NAS).

Everything sounds much more stable & controlled now.

My friend Mario came over to listen. He also found that the OCXO Switch sounds amazing in my setup.

Now he also wants to buy your OCXO Switch & maybe also the Dual Lead USB cable. 🙂

I gave him your contact details.



Tom Trimpeneers, Belgium
(Translated from Dutch)

Hey Dries

Thanks again for the listening session last night.

Very impressive music system you have, and I did a very good musical discovery with Terence Blanchard.

The band I talked about yesterday, and warmly recommended from my side – Snarky Puppy.

I'd say, worth to listen in the highest possible quality!

Friendly regards


Frank Rossmanith, Germany

Hi Dries,

Last weekend I tested the Paul Pang SATA II Cable. Before I tested, the cable was played in for 50 hours in my Cocktail Audio X-50 streamer.

The different between the original cable and the Paul Pang SATA Red II is very big. It´s amazing!

Much more analog sounding now.

Because the SATA Red II already gives such an improvement, I'd like to try the Red III now.



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